Body Hair Transplant

In patients with inadequate donor hair at the scalp, body hair transplant (BHT), particularly beard hair, can provide an additional supply of donor hair.

In comparison to other body hairs such as chest, back, and leg hair, beard hair has been proved to be the best source of BHT due to its biological qualities of regrowing better, growing considerably longer, and being of much higher caliber. The second best option appears to be chest hair. Other hairs, such as back and leg hair, may be deemed experimental, thus we don’t advocate that men use body hairs other than their beards and chest hairs.

One advantage of using body hair is that it can be a fantastic source for patients who have a lot of unwanted hair on their bodies.

A BHT session can transmit about 1000 to 2000 grafts in about 8 hours, and numerous sessions might theoretically be conducted in a single visit.

Body hair, regardless of origin, has a distinct personality from scalp hair: it usually consists of single strands, resulting in less coverage; it is finer, except for beard hair; it grows much slower; it is wavy; and its growth after transplanting is less predictable. There are also technical issues with harvesting body hairs, such as skin that is too thick or thin, skin that is too movable, or difficulty in surgical placement. Because of these factors, body hair transplantation should only be considered when donor scalp hair is insufficient. Patients with severe hair loss and several previous hair procedures are common candidates for body hair transplant. Body hairs can be used to conceal scars or to improve density at the scalp.

What It Will Achieve

Combining scalp FUE with BHT from the beard and/or chest, which can be done in two or three consecutive sessions, is the most common procedure at our clinic. The donor zone of the beard heals quickly and without leaving visible scars. We draw a line over the chin bone and harvest from underneath for patients who need a more conservative procedure. This provides us with roughly 1000 grafts. We can harvest up to 2000 grafts from the entire face for patients that have a thick beard who choose a more aggressive approach.

“I have been at Hope Hair Health Clinic today having my hair procedure and then went to surgery to the really nice clinic and was looked over by staff who have took great care after me and have really helped me with what I need.”

Rudy Sleiman