Since Afro Hair is curly, it is a bit difficult to extract hair follicles which are different from Caucasian and Asian hair types. The hair follicles could be deep and long. The curl is deeply located under the skin. A lot of effort is required to extract the hair follicles without damaging them. In Turkey, unfortunately, most of the clinics give very high graft numbers (like 3000-4000 grafts) to attract Afro patients. Since the roots are curly, it is much more difficult to harvest them safely, a wider diameter – punch size should be used in order to extract the hair follicles without damaging and to protect the skin area where the hair follicle is located around. Considering a hair transplant surgery takes 6-8 hours, it is simply impossible to extract 3000-4000 grafts in one sitting. They are aware that the patient is unable to count his own grafts. They just simply lie. Even when it is actually done, it is too harmful for the patient, causing donor depletion and leaving him with no options for the future. We firmly believe that 1500-2000 grafts should not be exceeded in Afro hair transplant.

Another type of Afro hair loss is Traction Alopecia. Wearing braids, weaves, using chemicals, making dreadlocks are the primary reasons and all of these result in receding hairline at the temples. Even though it is mostly common in women; men, too, can be affected by traction alopecia.

Regardless of hair type and gender, in expert hands, FUE could be easily performed on Afros. At Hope Hair Health, we have a very experienced team that offers suitable and permanent solutions for those with unique Afro hair.