Unshaven hair transplant is actually a myth. In the simplest form, there is no such thing as unshaven FUE. This is an advertisement that actually does not reflect the real procedure. In order to be able to harvest the grafts, shaving the scalp is required in FUE hair transplant. It is not possible to extract the hair without shaving the donor area.

However, there are limited shaven options but these options may not be suitable for every patient since many hair will not be transferred. Therefore, FUE with limited shaven options could be used in covering small patches. Only around 1000 grafts could be extracted and transplanted with limited shaven options.

In the limited shaven option, the hair at the back is long. Two strips inside the donor area are shaved like zebra crossing. Existing hair above zebra crossing will cover the strips, the shaven area; so when the hair is combed down, the shaven area becomes invisible. Another option is called donor area shaved FUE. In this option, only the donor area is shaved. Recipient area remains unshaven. The grafts are transplanted within the existing hair without shaving. However, since the donor area is shaved, scars will be visible after the procedure.

Limited shaven FUE has some advantages over fully shaven FUE such as minimum shaving, short recovery time, hiding transplant scars easily.

Limited shaven FUE is much more suitable for females. It is mostly used in female hair transplant. This way, nobody could recognize that a female has just had a hair transplant. Limited shaven FUE gives wonderful and desirable results in female hair transplant.